Launching with a special Holiday edition, The IrishCentral Box is the perfect way to bring you and your loved ones closer to Ireland.

IrishCentral, your direct link to everything Irish, is introducing The IrishCentral Box - a subscription box delivered to your door four times a year. The IrishCentral Box showcases the best Ireland has to offer, utilizing our special access to the stores and workshops known for their unique and outstanding brands that are a must-stop on any visit to the Emerald Isle. The gift box arrives at your door and takes you on a journey, showcasing the best of Ireland in a box.

This is a gift perfect for family, friends, or to bring you a little closer to your beloved Ireland. The IrishCentral Box is launching with the Holiday Box this October, but this is just the beginning. We will offer amazing boxes delivered quarterly throughout the year, each seasonal package distinctively Irish, with a special discount, included should you decide to sign up for the yearly subscription. 

Katie Molony, Co-CEO of Irish Studio said “With travel being restricted this year, we know how much people are missing the opportunity or dream of traveling to Ireland. We are launching this subscription box so you can stay connected with the island of Ireland, its people, and the unique products they produce. A little piece of Ireland delivered to your door.”

Imagine the thrill and excitement of receiving the box to your home - the ultimate in Irish cheer and charm, the gift of Ireland, the epitome of Irish pride.

The “Nollaig” (meaning “Christmas” in Irish) box is priced at $60.00. However, you can have a new box delivered to your home each quarter, at a prince of $199.99 for an entire year. 

The “Féile” (meaning “festive”) box is priced at $149.99, or receive a new box delivered to your door each quarter, at a price of $529.99 for the entire year. These yearly discount savings are substantial.  

Let IrishCentral "rise up and meet you" with The IrishCentral Box, our way of keeping you connected to Ireland.

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