The world and its mother are attempting to re-imagine the 1916 Easter Rising this year in various unique ways, but the third grade students of Sunday’s Well Boys National School in Co. Cork will definitely bring home the title of the cutest recreation and the one that took the most patience.

With the help of their teacher, Michael O'Connor, the lads have managed to recreate the events of Easter Week and the fighting that took place in the rebel headquarters of the GPO through a favorite childhood pastime—Lego!

In this stop frame video entitled “Lego 1916 The Movie,” the elementary school students show off their fantastic voice-over talents over step-by-step scenes that must have taken a whole lot of patience and plenty of dedication.

And of course, Cork hero Michael Collins features heavily in the Rebel-county production. The Easter Rising was Collins’ first foray into national events and he fought in the GPO alongside leaders Patrick Pearse and James Connolly, serving as Joseph Plunkett’s aide-de-camp.

Plunkett was one of the main military planners behind the Rising but a few days before his plan’s execution, he was hospitalized and received an operation on his neck glands. Rising from his sick bed still bandaged up, he made camp in the GPO but was unable to be terribly active. The Sunday Well’s students made sure to include their fellow Corkman giving his leader a hand.

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