1. For every mile of road there are two miles of ditches

Meaning: There are two sides to every story. (This comes from some parts of Ireland, where 'ditches' means hedges.)

2. There's no use boiling your cabbage twice

Meaning: Stop going over and over worries in your head because it solves nothing.

3. The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune

Meaning: Things and people improve over time.

4. A woman planted feathers in the dunkel and thought she'd grow hens

Meaning: Just because you 'thought' something would work doesn't mean you were right.

5. It's often that a man's mouth broke his nose

Meaning: Watch what you say because it could get you in trouble.

6. As the old cock crows the young cock learns

Meaning: Children learn by example.

7. If there was work in the bed he'd sleep on the floor

Meaning: Used to describe people who are very lazy.

8. No need to fear the ill wind when your haystacks are tied down

Meaning: Once you've prepared properly then there's no need to worry the outcome.

9. The longest road out is the shortest road home

Meaning: If you invest time and effort into something then it will pay off in the latter end.

10. You'll arrive back with one arm as long as the other

Meaning: You heading out on a thankless quest. You'll arrive back with nothing to show for it.

11. You'll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind

Meaning: Merely thinking about something won't get it done.

12. He didn't lick it off a stone

Meaning: People’s actions are influenced by those around them.

13. I wouldn't call the Queen my aunt

Meaning: Being in such a contented mood that even becoming royalty couldn't improve upon it.

14. What I'm afraid to hear I had better say first myself

Meaning: One must be honest and wary of their own shortcomings.

15. Now you know you're home

Meaning: You're in a happy state.

16. It's a long road there's no turn in

Meaning: No matter how bad the situation is things always change.

17. Telephone, telegraph, tell a woman

Meaning: The three best ways to spread news. Back before the days of the internet.

18. An empty sack does not stand

Meaning: Bluffers and ignorance will always be found out.

19. Even black hens lay white eggs

Meaning: You should never judge a book by its cover.

20. The road to Heaven is well signposted, but it's badly lit at night

Meaning: Life has many challenges but the reward is good.

21. It's as easy to catch a cold in a King's castle as in a shepherd's hut

Meaning: Wealth doesn't protect you from the trials of life.

22. It's better to pay the butcher than the doctor

Meaning: Don't skimp on healthy food as it will cost you your health in the long run.

23. A lamb's bleat is often more telling than a dog's bark

Meaning: Subtlety and a quiet approach can be more beneficial than brute force and loudness.

24. A broken man is better than no man

Meaning: Having any man is better than being alone

25. No matter how many rooms you have in your house you can only sleep in the one bed

Meaning: Possessions are not what they're made out to be.

26. It's a lonely washing that has no man's shirt in it

Meaning: ..... Ermm ... I haven't a clue??

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