A Fianna Fail councillor has said it is "disrespectful" and "not acceptable" to refer to the patriotic day by its informal moniker.

Councillor Kevin Sheahan also blamed what he called the "yuppie media" from Dublin 4 for encouraging the use of the widespread "Paddy's Day" term.

The County Limerick politician made the statement at a cultural committee in his native county last week, and appeared on Newstalk Breakfast radio show this morning to reinforce his views. 

The Councillor said he see's no reason for people not to use “titles that we’ve always used for centuries”.

He added that he believes there is "no such thing" as "Paddy's Day" and he has only ever heard it mentioned in the capital city.

“I think people have become a little careless and with a little bit of encouragement I think people will make the effort to revert back," he added.

“The first time I ever heard ‘Paddy’s Day’ was on the airwaves and the airwaves up until a few years ago came from Dublin and Dublin only.”

What do you call the national holiday on March 17? Kevin Sheahan, a Limerick councillor, has told us people should resist calling it 'Paddy's Day' and go with 'St. Patrick's Day'. Let us know your thoughts #BKNT

— Newstalk Breakfast (@BreakfastNT) March 13, 2018

What do you think? Do you think Paddy's Day is an acceptable variation of St. Patrick's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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