Irish parenting website published 21 Irish girls' names. What’s your verdict?

From Caoimhe to Aoife, Irish girls' names, no matter how they’re spelled, are popular around the world and no more so than in the United States, where names like Erin, Shannon and Kelly are still popular. However, an Irish parenting website recently published a list of 21 Irish girls' names and we were quite surprised by their selections. In fact, we’re not sure they’re all Irish.

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Magic Mum, based out of Sandyford in Dublin, posted a list of Irish baby girls' names with the headline, “These 21 Irish girl names are seriously stunning.” And they’re right. They go on to say that “there is something about the Irish language that makes names sound so mysterious… beautiful, elegant names that have an air of history, mystique and beauty.”

Well that’s Irish ladies for ye! We can’t disagree some of these are gorgeous baby names.

Take and look down through this list and let us know what you think in the comments below.

- Ailis (Eye-leash) – meaning of noble kin

- Ailbhe (Al-vah) – meaning white

- Aoibheann (Ee-veen) – meaning fair one

- Aoibh (Eve) – meaning beauty

- Bríana (Bree-in-a) – meaning high noble

- Daighin (Die-gan) – meaning dawn

- Dáire (Dara) – meaning sincere

- Clóda (Chlo-da) – meaning lame

- Iona (I-o-na) – meaning blessed

- Maelíosa (Mae-o-lisa) – meaning servant of Jesus

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- Neala – meaning little champion

- Iesult (Is-ult) – meaning ruler of the ice

- Lúile (Lu-la) – meaning child with thick hair

- Mairin (Maw-reen) – meaning bitterly wanted child

- Nainsí (Nancy) – meaning graceful

- Naomh (Naave) – meaning saint

- Nóinín (No-neen) – meaning daisy

- Réitlín (Ray-tleen) – meaning little star

- Siui (Shoe-ee) – meaning rose

- Vevina (Ve-vina) – meaning sweet lady

- Zaira (Zeera) – meaning princess

What’s your verdict? Do you love or hate some of these names? Let us know in the comment section below.