Catherine Horseman (19) from St Louis, Missouri

IrishCentral staff writer, Aoife Finneran, brings you the latest results from Dublin at the Irish Dance World Championships

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Ladies Under 19 Results:
1st: Therese Corless, Aaron Crosbie, Southern Region, England

2nd: Gabriella Wood, Petri, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

3rd: Jessica Hindley, Lally, North West Region, England

4th: Alanna Callaghan, Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Western Region, USA

5th: Kirsty Donovan, Scanlon, Midlands Region, England

6th: Amy Monaghan, Siobhan McDonnell, Connacht

7th: Caitriona Quinlan, Ceim Oir, Southern Region, England

8th: Catie Foley, Drake, Southern Region, USA

9th: Ashley Tuccinardi, Lynn, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

10th: Kinsey Brimhall, Comerford Schools, Western Region USA

11th: Brea McGaffey, Flanagan-O’Hare, Mid America Region, USA

12th: Niamh O’Sullivan, Elaine Kavanagh, Leinster

13th: Kerry Louise Keating, Sheila Hayes, Munster

14th: Fallon McMenamin, Carey, Midlands Region, England

15th: Katie McAleer, McAleer-Field, North West Region, England

16th: Maura Jennings, Broesler, Mid Atlantic Region, USA

17th: Rachel O’Meara Curran, McConomy, Ulster

18th: Shauna Tighe, Sylvan Kelly, Connacht

19th: Emily Macconnell, Butler-Fearon-O’Connor, Western Region, USA

20th: Sarah C. Nutley, Ceim Oir, Southern Region, England

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