Hammerstep, a dance group that fuses traditional Irish step dancing with hip hop, made a great impression on the judges of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and secured their spot in the next round of competitions on the reality show.

Based in Brooklyn, Hammerstep was created by two men who grew up Irish dancing. 

“For ourselves, we’ve seen what dance can do for people’s lives,” said one of the founders during an interview on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ “So we wanna put that on the world stage.”

Donning gas masks and black sweat suits, Hammerstep took the stage before a slightly speculative judging panel which includes Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howard Stern.

The group’s synchronized dance performance certainly impressed the judges, even bringing Mel B. to her feet for a standing ovation. After receiving positive reviews from the entire judging panel, Hammerstep was awarded a unanimous decision to head to Las Vegas for the next round of competition.

Stay tuned to see how Hammerstep does on ‘America’s Got Talent!’

Watch the video of Hammerstep’s performance here: