Are you looking for a more unique gift for the kiddies this Christmas season? Help them get in touch with their Irish roots with some of these great Irish toys.

One of our newest favorites is the BabogBaby Bear. It’s an educational teddy-bear that teaches children basic Gaelic numbers, shapes and colors. Perhaps your kids will share with you and you can brush up on your Irish terms as well!

Are your children more the athletic type? Rep your county with these GAA county Gaelic footballs. Snow or shine, you and your children can enjoy a good kick around the pitch on Christmas day.


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These adorable little dolls, known as Siog Dolls, are individually crafted in Ireland. Your children will love the personal touch of individual identity numbers for each doll, as well as their own individually woven clothing.

Help teach your kids Irish geography with this colorful and kid-friendly jigsaw puzzle, designed and crafted in Ireland.

Music is without a doubt a huge part of Irish culture. Help your children embrace this timeless aspect by introducing them to Irish music with this tin whistle and instructional booklet.