The Irish girl’s name Caoimhe has been listed among a hot seven baby names which are blowing up online and set to be big in 2017, according to an “expert source for baby names” the Baby Name Wizard.

According to the Wizards the seven names they selected – Caoimhe, Elia, Prescott, Brontë, Winston, Aviana/Avianna and Wolf – are where baby names are headed in 2017. The site states that while “none of them currently rank among the top 500 names boys or girls. But based on search traffic, forum chatter and trend arrows, they're good bets to be part of the next baby name wave.”

Of the name Caoimhe the site states:

“This Irish girl's name has the kind of sound that parents are looking for (pronounce it "Keeva"). So far, spelling has held it back. Americans are getting bolder about tackling Irish spelling, though, and Caoimhe may be hitting a turning point.”

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Ironically, they mispronounced the name. Keeva is Northern Irish pronunciations of the name while in the Republic of Ireland we pronounce it “kwee-va.”

The name Caoimhe has long been popular in Ireland and currently ranks #20 in Irish girl’s names (as of 2015) according to Ireland’s Central Statistics Office. The name is derived from the Gaelic word “caomh” meaning beautiful, gentle or precious. It comes from the same root as the name Kevin. Although the name is fairly common in Ireland it is often mispronounced internationally.

Despite getting the pronunciation wrong it seems that the Baby Name Wizard could be on to something. Earlier in 2016 Buzzfeed listed Coaimhe among the “17 Strikingly Beautiful Irish Baby Names That Are About To Take Over”, along with names like Quinn, Nessa, Sinead, Finn and Ronan.

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What do you think? Will Irish names make a resurgence in 2017? Do you know any babies with Irish names? Let us know below.