Sean can usually be found at @bostoncrabthe and @leprechaun_ie

Seán Reid is the National Leprechaun Museums Media Manager. The 26-year-old Kildare man represents the museum and acts as its voice, both on and offline. If you have ever sent a tweet to the museum, sent over an email or a Facebook message it is he on the other end.

Long before joining the museum, Seán was born in 1987. He grew up in the Curragh Camp, then moved to the sprawling metropolis of Newbridge in his teens. He later went on to study Journalism and Visual Media in Griffith College Dublin where he became SU President. After a brief stint working with the public sector, he found his home in The National Leprechaun Museum as a story teller, and later the Media Manager. Through the years he has spent a large amount of time reading and researching about global mythology, secret societies, the occult and folklore. He has also looked after interactive theatre pieces centred around these subjects. It's ni surprise that Halloween is his favourite time of the year.

But it's not all ghosts and ghouls, he also moonlighted as a musician and writer. He has been published in a number of different publications, speaking about topics ranging from cinema to life as a young adult to his unashamed first love in life, wrestling. And yet somehow he isn't single. By the time you read this he will have just returned from his honeymoon after becoming married on October 4th.

When not immersing himself in the world of the strange and wonderful he can be found lost in a comic book, spending far too much money on awful B-movies and hunting the streets for a Coke bottle with his name on the label.(His total so far stands at 1)