10th Jun 2013 to 16th Jun 2013

Leon Quinn was born in Bournemouth but grew up in Crumlin, Dublin with his mother and grandparents. In 2003, on a whim, he moved with his partner Eimear to the smallest, most scarcely populated county in Ireland, Leitrim, for a quieter life from where he runs a small but successful website and graphic design studio. He's passionate about self employment, the internet, technology, social networking, music, work/life balance, and the promotion of his adopted county Leitrim. In a past life he was also a musician, songwriter and Doors/Jim Morrison fanatic. He was lead guitarist in well-known Doors act 'The End' around the turn of the last century. He is also interested in depression, suicide, and infertility, having had intimate experiences of all three – overcoming the last one in recent years having become a father of two girls and a boy! He usually tweets from @ReverbStudios & @AboutLeitrim