3rd Dec 2012 to 9th Dec 2012
DC Cahalane is a 35 year old strategy and brand consultant who specialises in helping technology companies work out who they want to be when they grow up. He's passionate about the parts of business that are often overlooked and usually cause businesses to crash spectacularly; like actually having a plan instead of winging it. Living in Cork (where else would you want to live), he goes wherever the work takes him and has spent time in a whole host of exotic locations where it always rains when he arrives, no matter the normal ambient weather. A passionate gamer, DC likes to think of his XBOX time technically as "market research" on behalf of clients; he used the same excuse about cocktails when working for drinks industry clients. He’s currently obsessed with Online Fraud, Mobile Payments, Crowdfunding, Banking 2.0 and finding out who Ted’s wife will be in “How I Met your Mother” Follow him @donal_cahalane