Conor Courtney - @ccourtne - is a scientist, artist, absurdist, geek, moustache fancier and queer.

While studying Natural Sciences in Trinity College Dublin he took up a post in the Science Gallery as a mediator, a kind of science tour guide who facilitates dialogue around the various concepts on display.

After graduating he took on more responsibilities, including working on Science Gallery's touring exhibitions in New York, Singapore and Manila. He is now Head Researcher in Science Gallery Dublin and designs educational and laboratory components for each show as well as training new mediators on public engagement and science communication.

Outside of that he enjoys costume making, music, comics, movies, philosophy, painting, reading, travel, futurism and photography.

His long term plan is to  to New York and work in a Museum / Curatorial / Science Communication capacity there.

He has recently turned 26 and tries really hard not to take anything too seriously. He usually fails.