Americans, roughly half or 144 million of them, will head to the polls this November and more than likely pick either one of two candidates to serve as their chief executive for the next four years. The masses will vote for either the Democrat (Barack O’Bama) or the Republican (Mitt Romney) like they have since 1856. Yet, neither seem to be incredibly popular among voters being tied in most national polls.  In this land of true democracy there are over one hundred hopeful presidential nominees on (and off) voting ballots that do not have the money, cache, or websites in some cases, that their bigger and more powerful donkey and elephant counterparts do. 

Here are some overlooked Irish-American presidential and vice-presidential candidates to consider when posting your ballot (or writing in) on November 6th.

1. George McMahon, Vice Presidential Candidate, Grass Roots Party (Only in Minnesota)

The Iowa native joins Jim Carlson on the Grass Roots ticket in their bid for the White House, The “grass” in “Grass Roots” relates to the party’s platform of legalizing marijuana. Their politics is in line with the Green Party. McMahon, a vocal proponent of legalizing marijuana in the Minnesota legislature, last ran for Vice President in 1996.

2. Cindy Sheehan, Vice Presidential Nominee, Peace and Freedom Part

Sheehan is overshadowed by her much higher profile running mate, comedienne and actress Roseanne Barr. The potential veep  gained fame as an anti-war activist who protested outside President Bush’s Texas ranch and as the author of the memoir Peace Mom: A Mother's Journey Through Heartache to Activist” The 60’s-formed Peace and Freedom party, self described on its website as “California’s Feminist Socialist Party”, sticks to its socialist name with an agenda that includes the protection of the environment, access to free education and healthcare along with nationalization of the financial industry and natural resources.

3. Jerry Carroll, President (Write-in candidate, Independent) 

 A Stockton California resident, Jerry “Leon” Carroll established his own personal political committee in 1979 and has been off and  running for various public offices in California ever since including two failed bids for the presidency in 2000 and ’04. Carroll’s platform as listed in his biography on is to “restore the American dream of the Monroe Doctrine (Manifest Destiny) a united people, one God, one language, one constitution from North Pole to South Pole…” He also lists “(becoming) crowned emperor of Earth by all peoples of Earth” as his goal before he dies.

4.  Dr. David McFadden, Presidential Candidate, (Write in Candidate, Independent)

This candidate is solely devoted to the improvement of transportation in America and the nation’s dependence on oil. The Ohioan proposes a solution an electric rail system that would run on alternative renewable energy sources such as solar, wind etc. So devoted is the doctor to the people that he pledges “not to play golf” if elected president but rather “review the visas of OPEC nations trying to visit the US to increase their sales.”

5. Richard McCormick (Write In Candidate, Independent)

McCormick prides himself on being the Washington outsider whose 40 years in advising those in politics gives him a strong insight into current political and economic events. His goals include revamping the tax code, sweeping financial reform (reenacting Glass-Steagall)  and the promotion of  alternative energy through higher gas taxes.

6. James Hatton McCall (Write In Candidate, Independent)

A true man  of the people, McCall works in the big box retail industry and works at Home Depot, as he puts it, to “have some beer money” for the American legion. This will be McCall’s second run at the big office. His radical plans as the chief of state include completely sealing off the country’s borders, a balanced budget and spending freeze, along with a withdrawal of the US from the UN. He makes a strong case for his presidency in describing himself as a leader with a  “strong sense of humor, perfect driving record, and no criminal record…” He does have presidential experience to boot. He served as the head of the singles club “New Horizons” in Northwest Indiana.

7. Bill Harney (write in Candidate, Independent)

A true patriotic Candidate, Harney was a prisoner of war, earning a purple heart for his efforts in Vietnam in managing to escape and save fellow American prisoners from torture camps. Once Unemployed and without a home, he can relate to most Americans today. As your head of the oval office you can count on President Harney to force banks to refinance loans in fixing the housing crisis, provide every American with effective affordable healthcare along with  healthcare professionals trained in nutritional therapy, and institute a lower corporate rate tax.

So come November remember there are other names to consider besides O’Bama and Romney. Try Sheehan, Carroll, McCormick or even McCall.

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