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Ah, Ireland. Home of Guinness, rock shandy, soda bread and…you? It’s a pretty well understood fact that a large proportion of America has Irish heritage, with the number of Americans claiming Irish heritage outnumbering the population of Ireland by around seven to one.

Do you number amongst the American Irish? Are you sure? Take our quiz to find out just how Irish you really are.

1. When trying to spell your name on the phone, how often do people say things like “oh, there’s a ‘g’ in there?” or “well that’s not how it’s spelled, but ok.”?

a. Yes! I’ve spelled my name upwards of a million times

b. Nah, it’s pretty straightforward

2. Have/would you ever visit Ireland to trace your roots?

a. Been/plan to

b. Why would I?

3. Do you feel like the traditional meals cooked by your family are maybe lacking in spices?

a. Spices? Is cabbage a spice?

b. No siree, we have paprika

4. Can almost any problem be solved by a mug of strong tea?

a. A good 90% of them right enough.

b. What? Tea? Tea is a beverage, it can’t solve problems.

5. Does it take you longer than everyone else to tell an anecdote, but your stories are always the best?

a. You know, I was saying the very same to Siobhan just last week, we were in the market and…

b. No.

6. Is ‘the craic’ a justification for anything?

a. Sure, the craic is mighty

b. I don’t know. No?

7. Did one or more of your ancestors arrive in the States in the mid-19th century?

a. Yep

b. Nope

8. Do you ever find errant ginger hairs? Perhaps in a beard or moustache scenario?

a. How did you know?

b. Absolutely not, how dare you

9. Complete the sentence: I would love some soda…

a. Bread

b. To quench my thirst on this hot afternoon

10. Were you born with sparkling green eyes?

a. Bright enough to blind the doctor!

b. No.

The results

A = 1 point

B = 0 points

9 points or more

You’re so Irish, Guinness orders you in a bar. You’re a walking ceilidh, your ginger locks as rich and thick as the forest of Carrownaskeagh

6-8 points

You’re pretty Irish, but there might be a touch of something else in there. You sing along to the Cranberries on your way to work, but don’t want anyone to hear that you’re also doing the accent.

3-5 points

You’re a bit Irish. You feel drawn towards green fields but don’t know what to do when you get there. You understand how Irish dancing should look, but your legs don’t work that way.

0-2 points

You’re not Irish at all. The idea of boiled cabbage and bacon makes you turn green, but that’s the closest you’ll get to being from the Emerald Isle.

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*Originally published in January 2015.