Maybe they should leave that small detail out of the brochure?!

The former site and building of St. Kevin’s Asylum was placed on sale by the HSE earlier this year with a €2.95 million ($3.46m) price tag. 

The elevated site which was once neighbors with the now defunct services of St. Anne's Asylum and Our Lady's Hospital is located overlooking the River Lee and only 2.5km of a walk to Cork city, making it a highly sought-after residential area for prospective occupants.

The four storey asylum, rumored to be haunted, had been vacant since 2002 and was badly damaged by a fire in 2017.

Now the lunatic asylum with a harrowing past will be developed into new residential units in sections of the grounds, including multi-level apartment blocks and a reinstated main building to commemorate the history of the site.

The adjacent development on the same site is called Atkins Hall, in honor of the complex’s architect William Atkins.

The property's real estate agent Margaret Kelleher of Lisney told Cork-based newspaper the Irish Examiner that the chance to develop at St Kevin’s is “superior”, given the site’s attributes and aspect, with 14 acres over three tiers, and access to many local amenities. 

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