The New York Irish History Roundtable is making available, online and free, all its journal articles on the Irish in New York published between 1986 and 2020.

These are now available at no cost and at any time to everyone through the New York Irish History Archive: A Searchable Database, available here.

For more than 35 years, the New York Irish History Roundtable has been sharing the 300-year history of the Irish and their descendants in and around the City of New York. A major part of this has been the publication of its annual journal, New York Irish History, which for decades has put into print nearly every facet of Irish life in the city based on the scholarship of hundreds of authors. 

The new online archive expands the reach of the printed journal. This free access was made possible thanks in part to a grant from the Irish government, plus the efforts of Geoffrey Cobb, the Roundtable’s vice president for local history. Current New York Irish History editor Frank Naughton hailed the archive saying, “It’s a treasure of written and graphic information published over more than thirty years.” 

Visitors to the website can follow directions on the opening page and will be able to search or just browse through the articles immediately.

New York Irish History is the scholarly journal of the New York Irish History Roundtable and features a wide variety of articles about Irish culture and history in New York. All journal articles released since 1986 are downloadable as PDFs on the newly-launched archive. 

The project was made possible with the support of the Irish Government's Emigrant Support Programme. 

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