The 1916 Easter Rising Centenary year is almost upon us and a year of commemoration, education, re-imagining and reflection is set to begin as Ireland marks 100 years since Pádraig Pearse first read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, fanning the flames of revolution that would later lead to the independence of the Republic of Ireland.

In preparation for 2016, and the packed set of events taking place worldwide throughout the year, Ireland 2016 released this touching new short film of Irish citizens reflecting on what the Rising means to us now, on the events of the past 100 years and what it means to them to be Irish.

Entitled “Mise Éire” or “I am Ireland,” the film features a wide array of Ireland’s citizens: young and old, those in the country and those in the city, people of different faiths, those who have moved their families here, and those who have moved away.

As featured on IrishCentral yesterday, we questioned how the leaders of the Rising would feel about modern-day Ireland and whether we had achieved their vision for the country, but this film aims to show that despite Ireland's faults and failures, and whether you agree with the Rising's leaders' vision or not, there are many people all over the world who still feel proud to be Irish.

“Ireland 2016 will belong to everyone on this island and to our friends and families overseas – regardless of political or family background, or personal interpretation of our modern history,” Ireland 2016 said.

We are all Ireland. Tell your own “Mise Éire” story in the comments section, below.