The Irish History Podcast’s third installment in the Great Famine series – life in Ireland on the brink

This is the third installment of the Irish History Podcast’s Great Famine series. The Great Famine is the most important event in modern Irish history. It changed Ireland, and indeed, the world forever. While one million perished from starvation and disease, our ancestors also struggled to survive.

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In 1845 the population of Ireland was heading towards 9 million with many people surviving on a diet of potatoes. This has led many to claim that the island was over-populated, and, so, that was the cause of the Great Famine.

This is not true.

In this podcast I head to a remote village of Inver in County Mayo to investigate exactly how many people lived in Ireland in 1845, what was their standard of living, and whether the people were healthy on the eve of the Great Famine. The answers are surprising to say the least.

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