Kitty O'Shea, also known as Katherine Elizabeth Parnell, was a prominent figure in Irish politics during the late 19th century. She was born in London in 1846 to an Anglo-Irish family and later moved to Ireland.

Kitty O'Shea was known for her strong personality and her role as a prominent socialite in Irish society. She was also a vocal advocate for Irish nationalist causes and was a member of the Ladies' Land League, an organization that campaigned for the rights of Irish tenant farmers.

In 1881, O'Shea met and fell in love with Charles Stewart Parnell, a prominent Irish nationalist leader and member of the British Parliament. Parnell was already married to another woman, but the two began a secret affair that would last for several years. The affair was eventually exposed in 1890, causing a scandal and leading to Parnell's downfall.

The relationship between O'Shea and Parnell was a complex one, marked by both passion and political ambition. Parnell was a charismatic leader and one of the most important figures in Irish nationalism politics at the time, and O'Shea was deeply devoted to him. However, their relationship also had a significant impact on Parnell's political career, as the scandal caused a rift in the Irish nationalist movement and led to his eventual downfall.

Despite the scandal, O'Shea remained a prominent figure in Irish society and continued to be involved in various nationalist and feminist causes. She died in Dublin in 1927, at the age of 78.

Kitty O'Shea's life was marked by scandal and controversy, but she was also a woman of great strength and conviction. Her relationship with Charles Stewart Parnell was one of the defining aspects of her life, and it had a significant impact on Irish politics and society during a crucial time in the country's history. While her legacy is often overshadowed by the scandal surrounding her and Parnell, she remains an important figure in Irish history.