A leading Scottish historian has slammed plans for a Famine memorial in Glasgow because it will only remember Catholics and not Protestants who died in the Great Hunger.

Professor Sir Tom Devine spoke at a meeting organized by the Irish Heritage Foundation , attended by the Orange Order, Scottish Refugee Council, and Ulster-Scots Society among others.

Around 100,000 Irish fled to Glasgow to escape the Famine almost all of whom were Catholics, but Professor Devine said Protestants must be remembered too.

"This can't be tribal...Protestant Irish died too, even if not as many. The approach has been amateurish by Glasgow City Council. Despite relentless questioning here tonight they have been unable to give one idea.

"Their record is not that good...This all needs to be transparent. They have a website. Why is there nothing on the website?

"Someone mentioned New York. There are 142 memorials worldwide. Has the council looked at any of them?

"What is the expertise and the makeup of the group and do they have a target date for their finish? I'm certain that up until now this has been stop and go. It needs to have more opinions, more meetings like this. This was an important event not just for the Irish in Scotland but for Scotland itself."