New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the world’s largest and finest art museums, this year released an extensive 400,000-image archive of art pieces and artifacts that can be downloaded for non-commercial use.

As Ireland is a country famous for its history and well-preserved artifacts from centuries past, a fair amount of the images are of Irish pieces: from an original portrait of Jonathan Swift to an 1850 woman’s accessory set to an Irish butter dish from the 1700s.

Check out some of the Irish pieces from their recently released collection:

A 1774 portrait of Irish author Jonathan Swift by artist Daniel Bermingham. Made in Dublin. White-cut paper, pen and ink additions, mounted on black silk, in a round frame.

This is an early 9th century open-ring brooch, made in Galway. It is silver, cast and partially gilded, and has amber cabochons. 

This is a silver butter dish from Dublin, 1789-90, made by Christopher Haines.

An 1873-79 portrait of author George Moore by Edouard Manet. Pastel on canvas.

An 1838 silver teapot made by silversmith George Alcot in Dublin.

A 1957 dress by Irish designer Lainey Keogh. Materials include aluminum, wood, jade and metal.

"(H)Cannibalism or an Irish stew" (1833) by John Doyle. Hand-colored lithograph. 

A gold Irish ornament from 800 B.C.

"Man Smoking and Drinking at a Window" by Irish printmaker Captain William E. Baillie from Co. Carlow. 1774. Mezzotint with etching.

An Irish woman's accessory set from 1850; made from cotton.

A Celtic 'Sword and Scabbard' from 60 B.C - iron blade, copper alloy hilt and scabbard.

"Old Man with a Long Beard Holding a Stick or Sword Hilt" by Irish printmaker Captain William E. Baillie from Co. Carlow.

A "covered sweetmeat jar" made of glass, from Co. Waterford. Dated 1775-1800.

Gold sugar tongs from Dublin, dated 1730-50.

An early 19th century Uillean Pipe [caption reads "Union Pipe"] from Ireland.