Belfast City Council has agreed to stage a number of events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Belfast Blitz next April.

In April and May 1941, more than a thousand people died when the Luftwaffe attacked military and manufacturing targets across Belfast.

Plans to mark the anniversary and honor the victims include wall plaques to map 15 key sites where the bombs fell and a memorial monument on the grounds of City Hall.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that other plans being considered include a search light on the Belfast skyline and the sounds of air raid sirens, as well as a series of events such as a remembrance service at St Anne’s Cathedral.

Blitz Ceiles at the Ulster Hall, an illuminating project on the Big Screen, special walks, tours of both the City cemetery and Milltown cemetery, and literary lunchtimes are also being planned.

An event on the grounds of City Hall on April 15, the anniversary of the worst bombing at Easter when 900 people died and 1500 were injured, is also being considered as part of the commemoration.