SEE PHOTOS -  Historical  St. Patrick’s Day illustrations

It's rare to find illustrations from early in the 1900s, but St. Patrick’s Day illustrations recently came to light that were created by Ellen Clapsaddle, an illustrator and commercial artist from Columbia, New York.

During her time Clapsaddle's style was greatly admired, and to this day she is recognized as the most prolific souvenir and postcard article creator of her time. During her career she created over 3,000 designs.

Some St. Patrick's Day postcards by Clapsaddle have been reproduced here for display. The St. Patrick's Day cards feature traditional greetings, quotes from poems and songs and sayings such as “Erin Go Bragh” along with illustrations, some cute and some a little stereotypical.

All in all a fascinating historical look back at St. Patrick’s Day.

SEE PHOTOS -  Historical  St. Patrick’s Day illustrations

One of Ellen Clapsaddle's early 1900s St. Patrick's Day illustrations - see more in our photo gallery