Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be God - to have the ability to look down and see the world from an awe-inspiring view? 

I feel it is a privilege that not all are able to encounter, or rather, have the courage to look upon and admire such greatness.  In Ireland, you feel like God every day.

One of the main reasons I decided to move and study abroad permanently was because I wanted a change of scenery.  Instead of large freeways and tall, domineering buildings, I wanted the ability to have both the city and country handy at my disposal, and that is precisely what Ireland had to offer me.

Regardless of where you are in Ireland, on any given day or location, you have the ability to go from a beautiful cultured city, to a small, pleasant town in the matter of an hour.  That was a luxury I was not granted with at home. 

Coming from such a built up place like Orange County, I felt over-indulged and spoiled with the abundance of variety that I had on a daily basis; it eventually began to feel like I had no options, when in reality I had more than my mind could process.

Truth be told, I feel more alive when in the city, but now have found joy in stepping into the serenity of the lush landscapes of the countryside.

To this day, one of my favorite views in all of Ireland (and I have undoubtedly seen many) is that from my boyfriend's family's house in Glencar, Sligo.  Famous for its breathtaking and picturesque Glencar Waterfall, their home is surrounded by what I consider to be pure bliss 

On the rare occasions that this little green island is blessed with sunshine, I enjoy roaming about as if I was a nomad (just a fashionable nomad so to speak).

Last week my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of the foreign object called the sun and climb the mountain behind his home.  Only bringing a blanket and two cans of coke, we walked up and past fields of sheep and bogs to witness one of the most spectacular views I feel the world has to offer. 

If I thought the view from his home was more than inspiring, I was wrong, this one was even better.  And then, at that moment, I felt truly blessed for the life I lead and the opportunities I have been granted.
God is good.