There’s no place like home.

Over 35 million Irish-Americans now call the United States home, but one thing we all have in common is that once upon our time, some of our ancestors had to leave the place they called home.

Some came to America with great hope and excitement; others never wanted to leave in the first place – flight from famine, poverty and persecution is an all too common thread in our Irish family history.

There’s nothing more breathtaking than returning to the country our ancestors left, to honor their memory and bring our family history, in many ways, full-circle.

Though their journey across the Atlantic was far more difficult than what we would have to go through today, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to visit our ancestral hometown.

But for one Irish American, we want to make it possible.

In celebration of the most recent additions to our Irish genealogy collections – the largest anywhere online – we’re offering an amazing opportunity:

Visit Ireland and retrace the footsteps of your ancestors.

Thanks to our friends at talkholiday and Eneclann, we're giving you the chance to win a five day, all expenses paid trip to Ireland for two.

You'll spend a day with the expert genealogists from Eneclann who will help you make some amazing discoveries about your Irish ancestry.

Eneclann is a leading Irish history and heritage institution that has done incredible work preserving Irish history, and whose experts have untangled even the thorniest of family trees. They will use their expertise to help you paint a comprehensive picture of your Irish ancestors.

Your visit will also coincide with the scheduled opening of an amazing new Irish history center, the EPIC Ireland exhibition. This cutting-edge experience will help color your family history and the history of the Irish people in ways never before done.

Then, we'll take you to the Irish towns and villages where your family lived** – see how their towns and counties have modernized and lay eyes upon the same breathtaking landscape that they once did.

Prizes are offered in conjunction with talkholiday and Eneclann and consist of:

• 2x economy flights from US airport to Dublin (travel to US airport is the responsibility of the winner, winner and one accompanying traveler will be collected by FMP staff upon landing in Dublin)

• 4 nights in Irish hotels (3 star and above)

• One day with genealogist/researchers from Eneclann researching family tree and links to specific regions of Ireland

• No less than one trip to area of Ireland linked to winner's ancestry.

• Meals and transport will be provided (3 meals per day, additional meals to be provided by winner)