The Irish are known around the world as a people who celebrate and cherish their history, culture and land but sometimes, as the years blend together, the connection can become forgotten or lost.

That’s why replanting your Irish roots, literally with a native Irish tree planted on conserved Irish land and figuratively, with a growing group of proud Irish landowners, is the perfect way to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and the upcoming Easter holidays in 2017.

Our Irish Diaspora

The story slightly changes from family to family, and your story could be completely different to ours, but Ireland’s history is colored by our ever-growing diaspora worldwide. Plenty still search for pastures new today but it was in the last two centuries that the sons and daughters of Ireland explored new lands, particularly the United States and Canada, and that has led to a special bond.

We want to ensure that bond is never broken and, with our work here in the north of Ireland, as the extended family of the Emerald Isle continues to grow, we believe replanting roots in a fun and sustainable way is the path forward.

Own a piece of Ireland. Own a piece of the auld sod, whilst calling yourself squire, squireen or squiress of Ireland, and pass the gift down through generations of your family to come.

Replanting for Saint Patrick’s Day 2017

With all of that in mind there really isn’t a better time to get involved as Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!

Saint Patrick, the man who helped Christianity flourish within the shores of Ireland, was kept captive on Slemish Mountain in County Antrim, just a short 20 minute drive from the Emerald Heritage land we protect and conserve today.

The beautiful Slemish Mountains in County Antrim.

The beautiful Slemish Mountains in County Antrim.

During his time in captivity Saint Patrick focused on nothing but prayer and the natural land around him and we believe a plot of Irish land, and a chance to replant your roots, is the perfect gift for friends, family and loved ones.

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A green impact on the land

Finally, and maybe most importantly as the world around us continues to be blighted by pollution and unlawful development, each plot of land sold is saved for eternity from the hands of developers.

Emerald Heritage land can be found in a designated “area of outstanding natural beauty” that would take your breath away and we’re glad that this Saint Patrick’s Day gift keeps Ireland green for future generations to enjoy just as much as we have.

Go green this Saint Patrick’s Day, but not in the way you first thought!