Genealogy site FindMyPast has released two new sets of Irish probate records from the 19th century.

A new collection of more than 300,000 records created by the British Government's Inland Revenue Wills & Administration between 1828 and 1879 is now available to view on the site. 

The collection was created to determine tax obligations on Irish estates and features a number of rare documents that predate the Irish Famine. 

"These important records are a rare survival of priceless information about early Irish wills," FindMyPast said.

The collection includes indexes for all years between 1828 and 1879, while it also includes surviving registers from 1828 to 1839 which contain extracts from the original documents. 

The majority of the original documents were destroyed when the Irish Public Record Office was burned during the Irish Civil War. 

The indexes provide a wealth of information, including the name of the deceased, their date of death, the value of their estate, and the names of their beneficiaries. 

It also includes information about the executor of the will and the date the will was created. 

FindMyPast has also released its Ireland Calendar of Wills & Administrations collection, which covers the period between 1858 and 1965. 

The collection covers the entire island of Ireland until 1920 but includes records from the Northern registries of Armagh, Belfast, and Derry for the period 1921-1965. 

The records also provide a wealth of information, including the name and date of death of the deceased, their address, and their relationship with the beneficiary. 

"Discover your Irish ancestor's will, proved between 1858 and 1965 in this collection. Learn details of their occupation and address as well as the monies they passed on to their beneficiaries," FindMyPast said in a blurb introducing the collection.