Historian Seamus Moran has authored “Great Irish People,” the first county by county dictionary of Irish people, including a great testimonial written by Irish dancer Michael Flatley. Senator David Norris wrote the foreword.

Moran’s book covers the lives of more than 1,000 men and women of Irish descendent from all 32 counties between 1600 and 2012. He explores the lives and contributions of a wide range of people including the inventor of the penalty kick, the White House architect, designer of the Titanic, and the founder of the Argentinean Navy. 

Flatley, well known for his performances in “Riverdance” and his own show “Lord of the Dance,” praised the book on GreatIrishPeople.com, “As an Irish-American, the spectacular achievements of Irish men and women in the history of America and in indeed the four corners of the globe, never ceases to amaze me. The 18th and 19th centuries, is a period that particularly intrigues me, when having to leave Ireland in circumstances of extreme deprivation, these extraordinary people attained positions and status and achieved amazing things in their lives far surpassing their humble beginnings. Be it America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Russia or numerous other nations around the world, these Irish men and women left and indelible legacy. All are recalled with the deeds and exploits of numerous others from all walks of life in this interesting and captivating read.”

Organized by county, “Great Irish People” covers the lives of all Irish awardees of the Victoria Cross, Civil War generals on both sides of the conflict, artists, bankers, engineers, conmen, lawyers, writers, criminals, athletes, politicians, military personnel and musicians among others. There is a portrait for each individual. Over 900 illustrations by Argentinean artists Gabriel and Diego Navarre cover the founding of the United States, the development and breakdown of the British Empire, and the founding of an independent Ireland.

The book gives both a concise history of Ireland and important dates in world history. There is also a breakdown of the 2006 census by county and county anthems.

Moran has been working on “Great Irish People” on and off for 25 years and he has studied Irish history for over 50 years. He was educated in Dundalk and London where he studied architecture and had a successful career in the field in the 1960’s and 70’s. Moran had prosperous business career in the 1980’s to the end of the millenium and then his sons took over the business. He has also written a script on the life of Thomas Francis Meagher and a memoir “As I Recall It.” Moran currently lives in Spain.

“Great Irish People” is published by Liberties Press and went on sale in Ireland on Monday, April 15. The book may have a US publisher in the future. “Great Irish People” is also available to purchase online at www.greatirishpeople.com.