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Findmypast are looking for people who have found their ancestors in their Irish Poverty Relief Loans to share their discoveries.

These fascinating records details some of the poorest families in rural Ireland before, during and after The Great Famine. Covering the years 1821-1874, these records will reveal what your ancestors borrowed, why they borrowed it, the friends and family who acted as guarantors on their loans and probably most importantly, what became of them in the years that followed.

The pages of these unique records, only available online at Findmypast, paint a vivid picture of the bleak years in Ireland during The Great Famine. You’ll see entry after entry describing how the borrower either died or emigrated following their initial loan. Not only are the loan records a fantastic family history resource but they also provide an insight into how Ireland was during its harshest era.

If you’ve discovered your elusive Irish ancestors in the Poverty Relief Loans, which mainly cover the west and south west areas of the country, Findmypast would love to hear from you. Submit your finds and your ancestor’s story could be featured in some upcoming publicity that Findmypast have planned.

Simply email your stories to and they’ll be in touch!

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