For the millions of comic book enthusiasts out there, it may come as a surprise to learn that many superheroes have Irish roots.

Last year Dark Knight Rises actor Tom Hardy revealed that he found inspiration in Irish traveller Bartley Gorman for the role of Bane.

Here’s five other Irish inspired characters:

Captain America

Image: Marvel

The World War II hero and Avengers star was actually born to Irish immigrant parents Sarah and Joseph Rogers.

Born on the 4 July and raised in Brooklyn, Steve Rogers received a very strong Christian upbringing from his Irish parents and the sense of morality they taught him exists no matter what era he’s fighting crime in.


Image: Marvel

Matt Murdock grew up in the slums of Hell’s Kitchen in New York and was raised with very strong Irish-Catholic values. Unfortunately, this often results in a lot of inner conflict for the man who dresses up as the devil at night to fight criminals.

Blinded at a young age, Daredevil’s enhanced senses act as a radar which along with his martial arts training and athletic prowess allow him to fight crime.


Image: DC Comics

Born in 1900, Proinsias Cassidy became a vampire after being attacked by one in 1916. Cassidy was one of the stars of the critically acclaimed series Preacher, written by Co Down author Garth Ennis.

Due to his long life, Cassidy was inserted into many historical events such as the Easter Rising and is shown to have been friends with Brendan Behan in the 1950s.

Throughout the series Cassidy is shown to have two sides to his personality, one is the fun loving Irish rogue while the other is a weak willed violent liar.

The Cassidy Family

Image: Marvel

Originally from Co Mayo and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Sean Cassidy is probably the best known Irish born character in Marvel comics and also comics in general.

Armed with a sonic scream and the ability to glide, Banshee has been around since the 1960s and was one of the first members of the second generation of X-Men. He has appeared in numerous cartoons, video games and even the recent X-Men: First Class movie.

When Banshee died the name was taken over by his daughter Theresa Cassidy, formerly Siryn, who has identical powers. Theresa has been in various X-Men affiliated groups over the years and is a prominent member of X-Factor.

The Wren

Image: The Wren (Facebook)

One of the most successful Irish indie books to appear in the last few years, The Wren chronicles the story of Jack McCormack A.K.A The Wren. Jack is a 12-year-old superhero living in the city Dubh-Lynn in Hibernia. The Wren is heavily influenced by both American superhero cartoons and Irish mythology.

Do you know of any other Irish superheroes?