The list of the most popular baby names has been unveiled for 2013 with Irish names soaring up the ranks.

Both the girls’ and boy’ popularity lists on Nameberry show what names were trending in 2013.

Asher has reclaimed the crown for most popular boy's name, with Imogen leading the lists of girl names. The biblical name Asher takes the top spot, bumping last years favorite of Finn to third position.

There is good news for Irish names, as Declan takes the number two spot on the list of top boys names. The name has been increasing in popularity over the past number of years. Rounding out the boys names were Atticus and Oliver.

Imogen, Isla and Amelia are frontrunners in the girl's lists. Imogen is a Shakespearean name that’s never been in the U.S. Top 1000, evidence of a major trend towards names that start with vowels, with over a third of the girls’ Top 100 and over 20 percent of the boys’ beginning with A, E, I, or O.

The naming of the English royal baby catapulted George up 40 places up the list, to Number 55, but that wasn’t the furthest-rising name. The honor goes, surprisingly, to popular favorite Aiden, up 58 places to Number 26. Kieren was another popular choice rising over 49 places in this years list.

Here is a look at the top 10 boys names in 2013:

1. Asher
2. Declan
3. Finn
4. Atticus
5. Oliver
6. Henry
7. Emmett
8. James
9. Jude
10. Owen

Top 10 girls' names for 2013:

1. Imogen
2. Charlotte
3. Harper
4. Isla
5. Amelia
6. Evelyn
7. Penelope
8. Eleanor
9. Cora
10. Violet