All good things have to come to an end.

And in Orlando, Florida this afternoon, one good thing was wrapping up, as the last of the competitors in this year's North American Irish Dancing Championships took the stage to dance out their routines before a weary but entertained panel of judges.

This year's event has already been hailed as a huge success by fans and organizers alike, with over 12,000 fans inundating Disneyworld with dancing children, wigs, and Mickey Mouse teddy bears, while over 4,000 girls and boys dancer to try to win a place on the winners' list.

Today's timetable saw the last of the categories competing. "We're nearly at the finish line," said Kathleen Dennehy and John Jennings. The final competition , the girls U18B concluded in the Pacific C ballroom shortly before 5pm this afternoon, as participants and spectators readied for tonight's medal-giving and awards ceremony.

Earlier today we had the Girls U18A and B; Girls Under 16B and; Girls Under 12A and B. It was an another action packed day with the last of the dancers finishing up their routines at shortly after 4PM.

Tonight's awards begin in about fifteen minutes at 5:30pm>