The stunning work of young County Derry Artist Adrian Margey has been taking the competitive Irish art market by storm in recent years.  Hailed by the Belfast Telegraph as “one of the rising stars of a new generation of Ulster artists”, his innovative depictions of Ireland’s landscape, iconic landmarks, and musical traditions have been captivating art lovers throughout Ireland and beyond. 

Adrian’s nostalgic depictions of Donegal, Dingle and Connemara together with his vivid portrayals of the Wicklow hills, North Antrim Coast, the Kingdom of Mourne and the Ring of Kerry demonstrate his love for the Irish landscape, whilst his charming portrayals of Irish traditional musicians and dancers highlight his passion for music.

Self-taught, Adrian cites the Fauves, the Irish Impressionists and the indigenous artists of South America as his main influences.  He combines a kaleidoscope palette with lazy brushstrokes and expressive knife work to create his distinctive originals.  Much of Adrian’s work uses bold colour, strong shapes and expressive texture to conjure up moods and evoke an emotional response from the viewer.  Palette knife, brush work and finger-painting techniques are used to bring a new perspective to the familiar.

Noticing a growing demand for his work from overseas, the young artist has recently been awarded support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Creative Industries Innovation Fund to proactively promote his work to Irish Diaspora across the world.  A wide selection of the artist’s original work can now be viewed on his website and is frequently shipped across the globe.  Adrian is also accepting orders for commissioned pieces ahead of Christmas – so if there is a special place that you would like him to capture on canvas in his distinctive style, do get in touch by emailing him directly at 

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Original pieces from $400 / €315.  Gift vouchers for the artists work are also available.

Painting by County Derry Artist Adrian MargeyAdrian Margey