The fourth of July after-effects would want to have worn off quick for the competitors in Orlando today as the third day of the competition promises to be even busier and more action-packed than its exciting predecessors.

Today will see competition in a wide and exciting variety of categories. The young boys' categories (Boys Under 10 - Boys Under 13) were first up this morning, getting underway at 0800am, while the Girls' Ceili Under 9s and Under 16s began only shortly afterwards at 0900am

Last night's award ceremony saw Californian, Canadian, and Irish dancers winning titles, and the crowd are still enjoying the action as it moves into its third day.

After the morning's competition, the events continue literally throughout the day at the Dolphin Resort hosting the competition. There'll be figure and ceilli competitions this afternoon across most age and gender categories, and the nightly awards ceremony has been delayed until 7:00pm to reflect the great level of competition taking place today.

Although a few early competitors had begun the trek home many stayed on to watch some of the dancing. The competition - the biggest in the history of the North American Irish Dancing Championships - finishes this Wednesday.