The American Ireland Fund’s annual New York spring gala should easily be a sell-out this year, as Bono will be the special guest of honor.

The 35th annual dinner, set for Thursday, May 6, will take place at The Tent at Lincoln Center.  Always one of the best nights on the Irish American social calendar, this year’s gala should be extra-special given the presence of Bono, one of the world’s most famous humanitarians . . . and, of course, rock stars.

The desire to provide music education to Irish schoolchildren brought U2 and the AIF together last year.  Irish kids don’t learn music as a core subject in school, unlike students in most other parts of the world.  In 2009, the worldwide Ireland Funds and U2 committed $10 million to bring music education to Irish schools, and U2 so far have provided $7 million in funding.

The New York dinner will undoubtedly help to provide a healthy chunk of financing for the worthy goal, so mark your calendar! For more information on the dinner, visit

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