There’s more to Guinness than many people might think. The most internationally famous image that springs to mind when you think of Guinness is a pint of draught stout, but as the Guinness Storehouse Ambassador, Mark McGovern, explains below there’s much more to “the black stuff.”

Guinness has four other products among their extensive lineup, which are Foreign Extra Stout, Guinness Original, Black Larger and Red Harvest Stout.

In the video below you’ll see McGovern, who also helped us create IrishCentral’s guide to pouring the perfect pint, delve into what these Guinness drinks taste like and also what dishes they’re best suited to when it comes to cooking.

Here’s here a quick rundown -

Foreign Extra Stout –

This is the most popular Guinness and makes up about 45 percent of sales. It is most popular in Africa, Asia and South East Asia.

This is to be poured at an angle into a goblet style glass.

It has a higher hop content and therefore an extra bitterness. This is why it goes so well with stews and is used in cooking hearty dishes.

Guinness Extra Stout / Guinness original –

Before the 200th anniversary of Guinness in 1959, when draught was invented, this is the Guinness that people enjoyed. It’s what most of our grandparents grew up drinking.

The difference between this and Guinness draught is it’s carbonated, meaning it’s a little more fizzy and bitter than the Guinness draught.

This goes particularly well with, and can be used to cook with, sea food, chocolate or desserts and bread.

Black Lager –

This is to be enjoyed straight from the bottle and ice cold.

This is great with barbeques or spicy foods like chili.

Red Harvest Stout –

Launched in 2013 for a limited time, and only in the USA, this is the newest addition to Guinness’ lineup. This is an alternative to the pumpkin seasonal beers popular in America.

Although it should be treated just like a draught Guinness in its style of pouring, it is a little lighter, brighter red color. This stout gives more of a smooth toffee flavor.

On the fourth floor of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin you can experience the Guinness Connoisseur experience and taste thse beers with the experts. 

Here’s Mark McGovern’s video on tasting Guinness: