It is time for our annual PADDIES awards, the worst elements of St.Patrick’s Day in 2011. This is our second year  for the PADDIES, (Perfectly awful dire, dreadful Irish eejits and scenes)

This year’s winners are :

1.Walmart for “drunken leprechaun wine “ sold in their Albuquerque, New Mexico store. The white wine was rot gut stuff with no name, except an image of a drunken leprechaun happily swigging away.

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2. Mayor Bloomberg of New York for his “drunken Irish hanging out of windows” efforts at humor. Sure he apologized but the Irish did not let him forget it this St.Patrick’s Day

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3. Students of Albany, New York  who caused a riot with a keg and eggs breakfast deal, a “drink beer for breakfast with eggs” deal that only a genius could have thought up.

Result was hundreds of drunken students by early morning and many arrests after police were called.

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4. Yobos at the White House. So many kept talking while President Obama and Irish leader Enda Kenny were speaking in the East Room that it was extremely difficult to hear them.

5. MSN logo all St.Patrick’s Day with “How everyone celebrates St.Patrick’s Day “ showing just beer mugs and drunks and leprechauns. No parades, no family day out, no church attendance.


Mayor Bloomberg caused outrage in the Irish community with his 'drunken' Irish commentsGoogle Images