Your gift woes are over this Christmas. That is if you love Ireland, or know anyone who does.

A truly unique Irish Company has started selling off a bit of the 'ould sod'. Yes, you can now buy a little piece of Ireland as the ultimate gift this Christmas.

The Company ‘Celtic Plots’ are selling off square foot plots of land for $199 (€146). The purchaser will receive a formal certificate of ownership inscribed on old parchment paper, detailed directions to the land, ordnance survey maps so you can locate your plot and photographs of the local surrounding area, all bound in a handmade genuine leather embossed folder.

The land is located just outside Kilmore Village, Co Wexford, only a stones throw away from where former US President John F Kennedy’s ancestors hail from. Kilmore Village is a classic Irish setting, a picturesque seaside village with thatched cottages and friendly faces.

The company can be found online at and you can buy directly from their website. You will find lots more information online and also a beautifully put together movie explaining the concept.

Founded by Ian Murphy & Adam Fleetwood, this idea is a great hit among the Irish American community because it allows them to own a little bit of their heritage at an affordable price. ‘What better way to celebrate where you’re roots are from than by owning a little piece of Ireland’ Adam Fleetwood said.

Mary Williams, who is originally from Kilmore, Co. Wexford, is Celtic Plots exclusive representative based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been developing the Irish American Market.