Ah the Barbie doll. A prized toy that was in almost every little girl's collection. But did you know that there were many Irish versions of this cherished and much loved doll? I didn't!
Meet the many Irish Barbie dolls of the world! Did you own any of them?
1. The Irish dancer Barbie with her own passport
2. The Legends of Ireland 'Spellbound Lover' Barbie
3. The special limited edition Irish Barbie from the Dolls of the World Collection
4. The Legends of Ireland 'Áine' Barbie
5. The Legends of Ireland 'Faerie Queen' Barbie
6. The Legends of Ireland 'The Bard' Barbie
7. Collector Edition of the Irish Princess Barbie
8. The Deirdre of Ulster Barbie
9. The 1983 vintage Irish Barbie