Sexy Robert Pattinson as you have never seen him, romping with naked women, will grace the 10th anniversary of Details magazine cover later this month.

The pictures are explosive. Just-released scans secured by insiders show Robert sitting between the legs of a woman who appears to be naked, though the full picture is not shown. He has his hand on her calf and his other hand, is apparently on her butt when the fold is spread out.

What he says in the interview may be even more controversial.

Here's a quote: “I think there might be something wrong with my emotional sight. The only emotional connection of relevance in with my dog. My relationship with my dog, it’s ridiculous.”

Inside are several pictures of topless women with Rob -- my goodness, where did that famous English stiff upper lip go?

There is one of him in a hot tub and another with a topless model with him on a patio overlooking the ocean. She has his arm on her waist. She is also taking a photo of him.

There are other pictures in a mansion where he is looking over naked women in the room
He and the topless model have scarves over their heads and are kissing.

Aye Aye Aye ladies, this is not the demure, vaguely sexless Rob we have gotten to know. This is full-blooded, head-on sex appeal like we've never seen from him.

This puts him up a notch already, the boy has become man and then some.

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