The attempt to stop an Israeli Irish féis in August, hosted by an Irish dance company there, is deeply misguided. The Carey Irish Dance Academy, in Israel, is organizing the event in mid-August.

Opponents from the Pro-Palestinian lobby say the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians should ensure that no Irish dancers or performers take part.

One wonders would they support a féis held by Hamas, who have killed up to 500 civilians in suicide bombings since the early 1990s.

The Hamas céilí with covered up females might be a sight to see, as they are not big on women's rights either by all accounts. They are funded mainly by Saudi Arabia and Iran, two countries not exactly noted for their “live and let live” ethos.

High-kicking Irish step dancers might not quite suit the profile.

Now I find Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his constant pushing the edge towards war, and rather than reconciliation, dreadful.

He never seems happier than when sabre rattling and fomenting another war.

But I have to accept he has been elected freely by the Israeli people four times and they are entitled to their choice much as I might loathe it.

Israel is a functioning democracy with a vibrant economy and equal rights for men and women.

There is absolutely no reason why Irish culture should not have a day in the sun, showing the best of Irish dancing in a democratic country. "Riverdance" and "Lord of the Dance" have already performed there.

When do we start choosing where Irish culture can be shown? Would there be a similar outrage if Irish dancers were going to North Korea or Turkmenistan, which have been rated the two most repressive countries on earth?

Of course not. Israel is a far sexier target even though it is a functioning democracy with a free press unlike so many other places.