There is no question who the most-popular person in Barack Obama's administration is. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has the kind of approval ratings now that Obama can only dream about as his downward spiral continues.

Yesterday she looked poised and confident while in the Middle East, warning of Iran and spending time with young Muslim female students in Riyadh.

Everywhere she goes she is recognized as the best Secretary of State in decades, a woman who represents America with the same mixture of toughness, political skill and determination she brought to her previous jobs.

Which is why she should run in 2012.

Obama and the Democratic Party are currently sleepwalking toward disaster in 2010 and may not even hold control of the Senate or House against a Republican opposition -- which has precious few good ideas themselves.

Too late now, Democrats see that Obama's lack of experience at the highest level has damaged his ability to be a good President. He is a policy wonk, not unlike Jimmy Carter, adrift in a sea of sharks and unable to know which way to turn next.

Hillary Clinton would have made a much better President, not as easily intimidated or impressed with the power structure in Washington. After all, she and her husband were on the inside track for years and knew how to get things done.

Americans look back with envy now on those days when America was debt-free and there were wall-to-wall surpluses and low unemployment.

One way to bring that back might be for Hillary to throw down the challenge to Obama if the next year of his Presidency continues on its current disastrous track.

If this continues, Democrats with buyers remorse may well start to urge her to "Run, Hillary, Run."

She should.