It is pretty obvious by now that Bin Laden could have been taken alive by the SEALs which would have been a better outcome.

I think Bin Laden on trial would have been a marvelous opportunity to showcase the best values of America for the following reasons.

1.It would have shown the world that we don't just execute people even mass murderers without a fair trial.

2. When you think of the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl and other atrocities of Al Qaeda, a free and fair trial would have earned America even greater respect world wide

3. Even Hitler if found alive, would have had a trial at the Nuremberg War Crimes court. Bin Laden deserved the same.

4.Let Osama hear the victim impact statements so the families of people he ordered blown to pieces could finally tell him what they thought of him.

5.Interrogation of Osama would have revealed much more about Al Qaeda. These guys sing like canaries when caught -- See Khalid Mohammed

6. Shown the world we are not afraid to pursue justice through our own criminal court system no matter the threats

7. Find out what role Saudi Arabia leaders and others had in creating the Al Qaeda organization, still funded say experts from there.

8. Ended the hysterical anti-American coverage in some countries

9. Afforded our legal system an opportunity to show the world why it is the best there is.
10. Created the firm principle that no one is above or under the law