Senator John McCain is looking in serious trouble in his Arizona senate race with opponent JD Hayworth just five points behind in the latest Rasmussen poll.

That would explain McCain's bull rush to the right, especially on the immigration issue in recent weeks. He has said he will oppose any immigration reform bill and that he supports the draconian new anti-immigrant law signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer last week.

In the Rasmussen poll fully 91 per cent of the Republican likely primary voters say that immigration issues will impact their vote.

The vast majority want a very hard line on border security.

That, no doubt, is why John McCain is coming across more like Tom Tancredo these days than the man who co-sponsored a comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2007.

Hayworth has gone from a 53-31 per cent deficit since January to the 47-42 race today.

Any incumbent who is earning less than 50% of the vote at this stage of the campaign is considered vulnerable. The primary election is August 24th.

Hayworth has the support of Tea Party voters and is a former Congressman. Sarah Palin has endorsed McCain and may come and campaign for him again. Her support may be vital.