Hillary, Chelsea and Bill Clinton

Though some close to her are denying it, I'll bet my bottom buck that Chelsea Clinton is thinking about running for Congress.

An upstate New York newspaper first reported it.

With parents like her how could she not get bitten by the political bug?

What is more she would be very good at it.

I have met Chelsea a few times and can confirm what most people say -- this is a classy young lady, raised the right way by her parents.

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So often kids of famous parents get crazy in order to get attention for themselves.

Not Chelsea Clinton who has been a straight arrow through her college career in Stanford and since then as a working girl.

But she has to cary that gene, that one that John Kennedy Junior and Caroline had.

Caroline made an abortive run for New York senator, John John was thinking about running in New Jersey.

Chelsea they say will run upstate for a congressional seat to begin with.

She will win in a heartbeat-- imagine Bill and Hill campaigning for her!

And then it is on to who knows what.

She is a very smart girl as I leaned when she discussed her masters thesis on the Irish peace process with me.

She has the moxie, looks and connections to go very far.

So run Chelsea run!