Rising Republican star Sean Duffy, the Wisconsin Irish American congressman, has been brought back down to earth by a video showing him complaining about his $174,000 a year salary, three times the median income in his state.

TPM reports that the Republican Party in the state has made strenuous efforts to take down the video and remove it from the internet after they realized the damage it would cause.

The video above is from the same event but does not include the controversial comments. You can go to TPM.com to find it

Duffy was talking about his salary at a Republican town meeting. In the clip, Duffy is asked whether he'd support cutting his own salary.

Duffy says he would, but only as part of a plan where all public employees' salaries would be cut. He then stated that the $174,000 in salary he makes is tough for his family to live on. In the TPM clip he is complaining about making ends meet on his salary, plus lucrative expenses.

The former reality show star should have known better. The reality is that Wisconsin union members making just $45,000 a year just had their salaries cut by the governor. And Duffy feels hard done by?

Another example of Republican hypocrisy.