An incredibly racist site calling itself the Irate Irishman is drawing the anger of leading Irish Americans.

One of the recent stories calls Obama deeply racist names and sneers at an African American man kneeling as Obama's entourage leaves a public meeting (above)

On the site a series of anti-black stories are published with lurid details about alleged incidents involving blacks.

The language is extremely prejudiced and racist in tone and content.

The motto of the site is "Just when you think n.... can't sink any lower, they manage to drain just a little more from the cesspool"

The site, on the word press program has been operating at least as far back as August 2009.

The "Irate Irishman" writes in his introduction:

"To all of you who faithfully visit and read my blog it should be fairly obvious by now why I maintain this site and post the articles I do.

Sure I try to have fun with it, but the main goal of this site is to educate the public and those of you that may have lived under the cabbage leaf a little too long, about the failed mutations of nature that we so affectionately call n..... Those of you who are cognizant and aware of the world around you understand in high clarity what is transpiring in this country and the future we will face if things don’t change in the very near future. It should scare you to death.

"Do I hate n...? No I really don’t. Actually I don’t hate anyone. I simply understand that this species is a retarded and failed mutation of nature and use the proper precautions and govern myself accordingly when around them. I realize and understand that they are animals and predisposed to animalistic behavior."

I believe the existence of the site and its title will be challenged by leading Irish American groups who do not want the image of being racist attached to the Irish in America who endured centuries of discrimination themselves.

It is time such racists are challenged and removed.