I turned off Rachel Maddow in disgust last night. She had begun this studio debate over whether the Obama administration were correct in killing Anwar al Awlaki because he was born in New Mexico.

She also included another CIA target who was killed in Yemen, one Samir Khan, also an American citizen.

It is complete nonsense to suggest that somehow these people should not have been killed when we had the opportunity.

Both had long ago turned against their country of citizenship and in Al Awlaki's case, country of birth.

They had become the equivalent of Lord Haw Haw, the British citizen, born in Ireland, who became the voice of Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

The Allies hung Lord Haw Haw and they were perfectly right to do so,

The US should not have had the slightest qualm about hunting down al-Awlaki and dispatching him to the Islamic heaven he was enthused so much about.

To suggest otherwise as Maddow did and as did Republican presidential contender Ron Paul, is complete nonsense.

They had targeted Americans, killed Americans and wanted to kill as many more.

Khan was publisher of a disgusting Al Qaeda magazine that had targeted Grand Central Terminal for attack in its latest issue.

So let's stop the bleeding heart stuff here and get down to basics.

We need to take out these fanatics where ever and whenever we can.

It is as simple as that.

I think 99.9 percent of Americans would agree with the golden rule that you do unto others as they would do unto you.

And Rachel Maddow and Ron Paul are talking through their rear ends when they suggest otherwise.

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