Kate Middleton aka Duchess Catherine

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The topless photos of Kate Middleton are much ado about nothing.

The royal family has weathered far more than this in their scandal-pitted history.

The dalliance with Nazi Germany between the wars and the abdication of Edward and Mrs Simpson with their pro-Nazi views would top my list.

That was actually something really serious that had massive repercussions and went far beyond the usual Royal shenanigans.

My favorite since was the taped phone call when Prince Charles told his then-mistress now wife Camilla that he wanted to be her tampon. Prince Charming it wasn’t.

Prince Harry dressing as a Nazi, Prince Andrew selling access to himself, Fergie doing the same -- all grist to the royal mill.

In that context Kate’s boobs hardly seem even newsworthy.

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She’s a decent sort and should not be held accountable for the creepy tabloids who will do anything for a scoop.

This will be forgotten in no time and Kate can get back to what she was brought in to the family to begin with for.

Producing a son and heir or daughter and heir is her real task in life, all the rest is glitter and show.
Now if the poor girl fails in that regard there would be a major to-do.

So get to it Kate and Bill and forget about the tabloids.

There are more than enough boobs out there to begin with.